Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) | Developments in Technology

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) | Developments in Technology

Sean Frendin | National Manager FMS Wenco Fleet Management Systems

Speaker Bio

Sean Frendin is the National Fleet Management Systems Manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia and is focused on delivering value to Hitachi customer’s through the application of operational technologies in the areas of productivity, safety and asset health using Wenco’s suite of technologies.

Sean has been a part of delivering operational technology solutions to the heavy earth moving industry for more than 10 years from straight forward machine guidance through to remote operation centers managing hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Most recently, Sean has been part of the Wenco and Hitachi team driving the adoption of Digital Mining; enabling customers to make better use of their data through an open, interoperable and collaborative approach between vendors and OEM’s to support a fully digitised supply chain.