Komatsu Australia Developments in Technology

A Data Driven Approach to Optimising the Total Cost Of Ownership of your fleet.

Traditionally, most OEM’s focussed purely on machine health – and whilst machine health remains a critical success factor for your operation, it is only one variable in the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) equation.

TCO allows fleet operators to benchmark and improve the value of their fleet by focusing on the full range of critical success factors including machine health and productivity of the machine.

By combining inputs from Telemetry, Oil Analysis & Condition Reports, we can create a data driven, 360 Degree View of the Machine, and use this to enable Continuous Improvement Activities, targeted at enhancing the value of your fleet.

Todd Connolly
General Manager Construction Solutions

This session will focus on Komatsu’s Data Driven approach to optimising Total Cost Of Ownership of your fleet, specifically looking at the latest developments in Machine Health Telemetry, Used Oil Analysis, Condition Reports, Virtual Reality Simulators and the Digital Service Technician.