National Economic Outlook

Robert Mellor

Managing Director – BIS Oxford Economics Pty Ltd 


The presentation will cover:

  • Economic overview of the Australian economy out to 2024
  • Demographic drivers of construction activity with projections for Net Overseas Migration & Net Interstate Migration and the underlying demand for dwellings
  • Forecasts for residential; building to 2024 by State and activity split between detached Houses, Medium and High Density Dwellings
  • Forecasts for Non- Residential Building to 2024 by Sectors- Offices, Retail, Hotels, Education, health, etc. and by State
  • Forecasts for Engineering Construction to 2024 with a focus on Roads and an outlook by State.


Robert joined BIS Shrapnel in 1984, was appointed a Director of the company in 1987 and Managing Director in July 2007. In March 2017, Oxford Economics took majority control of BIS Shrapnel and it became BIS Oxford Economics and Robert continued as Managing Director until August 2019 when he became Executive Chairman.

He has 40 years’ experience in forecasting building activity and is a regular commentator on prospects for the residential property market.

Until becoming Managing Director Robert was responsible for our Australian, New Zealand, and Asian building forecasting services, and oversaw the Australian monthly bulletin, Building Industry Prospects. He continues to present at our bi-annual building forecasting conferences. 

In 1994 Robert spearheaded the launch of our Asian building forecasting series. This service with quarterly updates covers the outlook for building & construction, covering twelve Asian countries.

Robert is regarded as Australia’s leading forecaster on the building and residential markets. His views and comments are regularly sought by the national media. Many of Australia’s leading builders and building material manufacturers consult with Robert in preparing their annual budget plans.