Skid Resistance in Rocks

Dr Sven Scheppokat

Quarry Products Technologist – Geotechnical Services, Department of Transport


  • Sven was born in Hamburg, Germany
  • Served in the German Navy as a Morse code radio operator and managed to never set foot on a ship during that time, which is just as well because he gets seasick quite easily and in fact gets motion sickness from continental drift
  • studied mineralogy at the University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Spent 9 months as an exchange student at the CSIRO in Melbourne working on structural ceramics for engineering, where he met his wife
  • Then did a PhD in the field of structural ceramics for engineering at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
  • Moved to Australia in 2003, worked for Ceramic Fuel Cells (Melbourne) and Ceramet Technologies (Ballarat) as a manufacturing engineer
  • Joined VicRoads in 2007 as a quarry products officer and still works in this role, working in the field of quarry accreditation. The role includes planning and implementing quarry accreditation programs including site visits, sampling and testing, mainly in Victoria, but recently also in Tasmania and occasionally in South Australia and NSW. Sven has a passion for rocks and loves that his job involves using both a sledge hammer and a microscope
  • Has an eight-year-old daughter and loves animals, books and music